IG: Sonnytong

Dance Instructor

Studio Zoom - Upperhand Studio - Priw Studio - SDO Music Studio - 

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Dance competitions and awards


Winner Dance delight thailand 2014 with Feel good crew

Winner seacon street challenge 2014 with The zoo thailand

Winner HHI thailand 2015 with Rumour has it

Winner Battle of the year thailand street dance 2015 with Mix'em up crew

Winner G-wave performance 2016

2nd place Winner  HHI thailand Mega crew 2017

2nd place Winner Hard rock Performance  2017

Winner Street world 2017 and go to Japan for the asia final

3rd place Winner World of dance 2017

Speacial prize Japan dance delight 24 2017

Winner UDO asia pacific street dance championships 2018 in China

Winner Super24 Thailand Qualifier 2019 and go to Singapore for the asia final


Winner Keep it real 2on2 2013 (2ครั้ง)

Winner Jump off 1 on 1 2013

Winner Level up hiphop battle 1on1 2013

Winner All style all dance battle 1on1 2013

Winner Dance@live hiphop battle 1on1 2014

Winner One jam street dance battle 1on1 2014

Winner Seacon street challange battle 2on2 2014

Winner Bangkok city throwdown hiphop 1on1 2014

Winner To be number one battle 2on2 2014

Winner Hiphop high school battle 2on2 2014

Winner Level up freestyle battle 1on1 2014(ที่ลาว)

Winner Keep it real battle 5on5 2014

Winner Hard rock battle 2on2 2015

Winner Show off freestyle battle 1on1 2015 (ที่เวียดนาม)

Winner G-wave battle 2on2 2016