IG: Stothesophie

Dance Instructor

RRIW STUDIO 28-05-202021047.jpg

Choreograph work

Choreograph for 4EVE GirlGroupStar (WorkPoint Entertainment) Aug-Sept. 2020

Choreographer & MV Dance director Chin-Chinawut X HunZ : “YukYak” Sept. 2019

Choreographer & dancer MV DA Endorphine “You’ll Be Mine” April 2019

Choreographer & dancer Hip Hop Concert “Never Say Cutz 10th year anniversary” Nov. 2018

Choreographer and dancer Thaitanium “Unbreakable Concert” October 2018

Choreographer “The Mall Group” for marketing campaign: “GET LUCKY” 2018

Choreographer for Thai artist “DaBoyWay”, song “Kaow Ma” (เข้ามา) 2017

Dancer for various MV and stage concerts since 2007

Organize auditions and rehearsals